General Questions

Why June 28th?

We originally wanted a June or July wedding so Ashley could start a new job after the wedding. When we started looking at the calendar we realized that the 28th of June fell on a Saturday. This seemed like the perfect date since Ashley and Rob were born on the 28th of August and November, repectively. Now no one has an excuse for forgetting the anniversary!

Why Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Although Ashley grew up in New Mexico, the vast majority of her family is situated in the state of Kansas. Rob is from Tulsa, and his parents still live there and are members of Christ the King parish, where the wedding is being held. Therefore, it just seemed logical to Ashley to hold the wedding in a place where travel would be reduced for many of our guests and we would have local assistance for planning the wedding.

Why Hawaii for the Honeymoon?

First off, why not? Really, do you need an answer to this question?

Fact: Its the only island paradise with the protections of the United States Constitution.

However, if that doesn't satisfy you, just look at the pictures below taken from the cottage we are staying at in Kona and ask again, "Why Hawaii?"