LilyMeet the Bride

Homemake Ashley

Born and raised in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, Ashley grew up dreaming of escaping to bigger and better things.

Ashley attended St. Pius X High School and after graduating sixth in her class, determined to go to the University of New Mexico, majoring in Playwriting with minors in Art Studio and English. This plan might appear to defeat her desire to leave the desert, but attending school in state allowed Ashley to participate in the National Student Exchange program. She spent a year back east in Jersey (fact: she was an hour away from NYC and went to see almost 20 Broadway shows during this year- that's why Jersey.) Exchange programs also allowed her to study Theater in London and Art History in Rome for two summers.

In an attempt to avoid the starving artist lifestyle, Ashley applied for and was accepted to an MA/PhD program in Santa Barbara, CA. After studying Theatre History for two years, Ashley has determined that the publish or perish atmosphere of academia is not for her. Upon graduating with her Master's (she walks June 15) she is turning her gaze to new frontiers, striking out into the unknown land of wedded bliss as well as the unknown and murky economic market.

Ashley's hobbies include cooking for Rob, cleaning for Rob, massaging Rob's feet, and of course, complimenting Rob.

Some of the things we have included are: